Learn how to buy a car in 30 days without breaking the law, gambling or selling your body organs.

I’ll tell you a story that happened to me not so long ago. My name is Jacob Johnson. I got married 18 months ago and became a dad. I used to rent small apartments and worked as a chef. My salary was measly and sometimes delayed. Shortly before I was supposed to pay my regular rent I was admitted to a hospital with an acute appendicitis. Fortunately, the surgery was successful and I had enough time in the hospital to think about my life. I decided to stop being poor. Now I want to tell you how it became possible and how I bought a car a month after the surgery.

I was always keeping my family in my mind. The ambulance rushed me to hospital leaving my family with a very small amount of cash. I was unsure if they could make do with it. I made my loved ones a really nasty surprise! Being admitted to hospital exactly when I needed to pay rent. I needed to think in advance where to get the money from. I decided to ask my doctor to discharge me from the hospital a couple of days earlier to find the money to pay the outstanding amount of rent, at least partially. Being stranded was quite a challenging experience! I wanted to change the situation badly.

What happened next was like in a dream. I had a bright and pleasant dream where I was getting into a car, starting the engine and driving. When I woke up I needed some time to realize whether it was a dream or not. I realized that I needed a car! I even said it loud. I kept feeling pain in my body but I couldn’t lay on the couch any more. I felt strong enough to act. My energy was looking for a way to break out.

The idea flashed through my mind spontaneously, “I will drive for money. Work as a taxi driver in the evenings. Having a car will make me more mobile”. A car would make my life better. I would see my parents more often and go camping with my family. I needed a car! Buying a new car was unreasonable. Used car would have cost twice cheaper. I needed to think up quickly where to get the money fast.

I found the money on the day when my rent was due. An opportunity to work as a chef at a banquet caught me by a mere chance. But after undergoing the surgery it turned to be a very hard day for me. In the evening I said to my wife that I was going to buy a car. She was surprised, of course. She smiled and asked where I would get the money to do it. I was puzzled by this question too. But without a car supporting my family would have become impossible for me.

I spent a week thinking where to get the money for the car which would help me support my family. But nothing worthy came into my mind. A sudden idea flashed through my head! I decided to ask my uncle Josh for advice. He was a wise and experienced man who could help me to get the idea of what to do.

I directed my steps to his home. Uncle Josh suggested to me to amass some money to buy a car by laying off a part of my salary and eventually saving a sufficient amount. I was thinking about it too but with my salary it would have taken me 10 years. And I need a car that very month. Otherwise, I would have needed to spend almost all my salary to repay the loan and struggled financially.

The new period of searching for the opportunities began. Paying for lease had already become challenging for me. Borrowing more money was out of question. Besides, a cheap used car would anyway cost me a fortune if I bought with borrowed money at a huge interest rate. I needed a simple solution. I gave a buzz to my friends, but nobody was ready to lend the amount I needed. But there is always an option if you really look for it. “When there’s a will, there’s a way”, – said my uncle. He was right. We got the money.

West Credit Union

It turned out that my uncle Josh used peer 2 peer lenging for quite a long time. If you need to borrow money until your next pay check – just fill the form you find on the website, talk to a manager on the phone and you’ll get the money in your bankcard account next day..

At first I didn’t believe that it worked like that. But uncle Josh reassured me that when you send your personal data West Credit Union ensure the highest level of safety making it completely secure. We just filled the form from our computer, than the manager called and after the brief interview we got our loan approved in 5 minutes. I received $2,500 on my bankcard the following day. It was incredibly simple.No need to go to a bank, stay in touch and wait for a long time. Convenient, safe and you can do it from home.

By the way, the chance to get a loan fromWest Credit Union is higher compared to other similar organizations. At West Credit Union your form can be examined by several lenders at the same time. These lenders compete with each other to offer you the best deal. So all you need to do is wait. Waiting takes 5 – 10 minutes.

At the end of the month my dream came true. A used Toyota became my first car.

My parents and friends didn’t believe that I became a car owner in just a couple of months. My friends told me, “This is impossible. You’ve got a rental car and are hiding the truth from us”. I showed them the registration paperwork, still unable to believe my luck.

It turned out that living the life you want is simple. You just need the support of your family and a small budget. I can say with confidence that thanks to West Credit Union my dream came true. And thanks to uncle Josh, of course.

If you are in trouble, I want to recommend the following: believe me, nowadays you can easily get the money 2 weeks before your next pay check using this type of loans. Borrow with a peace of mind, make your dreams come true and your life better.

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